I bet you never thought that headache or joint pain may indicate the occurrence of depression, did you? Experts have identified some unusual symptoms that are related to depression. Find out what they are and what you can do!

  • Joints hurt. I don’t think most people would ever associate joint pain with a possible depressive episode. Well, experts say that depression can manifest itself through headaches, back pain, stomach pain or discomfort in the joints.

  • Suffer from constipation or diarrhea. Bowel movements, the urge to go to the toilet too often or difficulty going are caused by anxiety, which is a symptom of depression.

  • Getting deep into your work or you don’t feel like doing anything but planting yourself on the couch or in bed?  According to psychiatrists, each of us react differently to depression. Whether you’re apathetic and do not get out of bed, or you’re overactive and “buried” at work, all these actions may conceal a depressed mood.

  • Having unjustified paranoid thoughts and fears. Psychiatrists report that 10% of people suffering from depression have experienced the symptom of having delusional thoughts. When illusions (auditory or visual hallucinations) interfere with your thoughts and you consider them real, this could be a sign of a real problem and you should seek help, warn psychiatrists.

  • Don’t feel like having sex. When one partner has no interest in sex they may blame boredom, routine, some treatments or drugs, age, but omit depression. Experts say that the lack of sexual appetite can be a symptom of depression, especially when the man finds he’s struggling with erectile problems.

80-90% of cases of depression can be cured

Depression can be treated and cured, but requires a change of mentality. However, if left untreated, the disorder can progresses to chronic levels, with significant deterioration in the quality of human life. This can add to  complications such as suicide or drug abuse, say doctors.

Some tips to beat depression

When you’re depressed, the last thing you need are a bunch of to-do lists in your face. Do not create the expectation that you’ll be able to complete all the tasks or fulfill all of your obligations. Instead, start with one, easily manageable, simple task. After that, depending on how you feel, you can choose to tackle something else.

Find books and websites that can educate you about symptoms. Many websites and books have tests to help you determine if you’re suffering from depression. While there are things you can do to lessen the symptoms of depression, don’t try to cure on your own. Sometimes it takes years of proper medication, guidance and practicing specific therapeutic methods to resolve these disorders. There’s no need to be ashamed of it, so don’t let these feelings prevent you from getting treated.

Listening to music can have a very positive impact on how you feel. Music can make you lose control of your  legs and can make your whole body vibrate with positive energy making you want to burst into song.  Singing and dancing sends signals to your brain that you’re happy. So, be open to these pulses and beats, do not block them. They represent something positive in your life.

Get more involved in everyday activities from volunteering (to help you keep your mind off your problems), to the little things that you can do at home.

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